Museums. Opera. Symphony. Theaters. Architecture.

Los Angeles is host to a wealth of cultural assets, and we consider it our civic responsibility to give back to our hometown by advancing the city’s health and vitality.

Los Angeles is a city that celebrates its diversity. It represents the best of the 21st century, with world-class museums, opera, symphony, theaters, architecture, educational institutions and a Southern California population of more than 18 million people who believe this is a city like no other. The opportunities here to succeed are what make this city attractive not only to residents but also to visitors.

Los Angeles is known as the “City of Angels,” and every vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis needs civic angels to support and advance its educational and cultural offerings. We embrace our role as one of the city’s most active supporters. We move quicker than government. We provide essential funds that are lacking. We offer our energy, our enthusiasm and our ideas to champion Los Angeles. From the opera to arts education, from architecture to urban development, we are proud to take an active role in advancing Los Angeles as a global city of the future.