Education Grantees

The Broad Prize

Through The Broad Prize for Urban Education and The Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools, the Foundation sought to recognize excellence among school systems serving significant numbers of students of color and low-income students–and to encourage them to collaborate and share best practices. From dozens of eligible systems, the Foundation selected between three and five… Read more »

District Systems and Tools

Smoothing hiring so that no classroom started school without a full-time teacher, improving the way data informs district decisions and rewarding educators for supporting their students are all functions of a great public school district–not to mention making sure meals are healthy and fresh and buses run on time. The Foundation supported improvements in the… Read more »

Principal Leadership

Between 2002 and 2013, the Foundation supported the professional development of principals at eight large city school districts–San Diego, Long Beach, Philadelphia, Boston, New York City, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Gwinnett, Georgia–as well as principals at districts and charters through New Leaders, KIPP Schools and the California Charter School Association.

Broad College of Business

Our founder, Eli Broad, credits his alma mater, Michigan State University, with preparing him for a successful career. With a $20 million gift, we created the Broad College of Business to help students at this public university learn the skills, develop the connections and gain the experience they needed to excel in a global economy.

The Broad Center

The Broad Center is an independent nonprofit organization that identifies, develops and supports talented K-12 public school system leaders who are committed to ensuring that every school, classroom, and child gets what they need to be successful. Through two highly selective professional development programs, The Broad Academy and The Broad Residency in Urban Education, The… Read more »


Walk into a KIPP School, and you know you’re in an extraordinary learning environment. Teachers engage their students with small group lessons and frequent checks for understanding. Students embody the charter network’s motto, “Work hard. Be nice.” School values—which each KIPP principal chooses for his or her school—are painted onto the walls: words like grit,… Read more »

Teach for America

Every student deserves a great teacher, and we believe that high-quality teachers are essential to building great schools, great communities, and a great country. That’s why The Broad Foundation was an early and is a continuing supporter of Teach For America (TFA) . Teach For America began as an idea—the 1989 senior thesis of Wendy… Read more »